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Current Mission trips

Donations given to the Global Missions Fund at this time will support Hanna Esau in her upcoming mission trips! Please read below for an excerpt of Hanna’s donation letter:

“In 2019, I served as the Executive Assistant Intern with International Justice Mission (IJM) in Gulu, Uganda. IJM is the largest anti-slavery organization in the world. In Uganda, we work to fight against the injustices of Violence Against Women and Children and in Gulu we work in cases of Intimate Partner Violence and Property Grabbing. During my year serving as an EA, I was able to assist the Field Office Director, as well as in the areas of communications, operations, staff care, and security.

I have accepted a new position with IJM that will extend my time in Uganda. From January-September 2020, I will serve as the Regional Security Fellow, Africa & Europe in Kampala, Uganda. In this role I will help implement organizational safety and security standards into nine partner and field offices throughout Africa and Europe. Additionally, I will help build capacity of security focal points in the offices so that they may best protect our clients and staff. I am excited and grateful for this new opportunity and to explore the world of security and how I can use it to glorify God and love His children.

I am trusting God for $8,000 for my remaining time in Uganda. Please prayerfully consider supporting me either financially or in prayer. I am so grateful for all of your support thus far. All donations made to the Global Missions Fund will cover all of my living expenses and will help to bring security and justice to those we serve. Peace and blessings.”
-Hanna Esau

Donations given to the Global Missions Fund will support Hanna’s work!