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Current Mission trips

Donations given to the Global Missions Fund at this time will support Hanna Esau in her upcoming mission trips! Please read below for an excerpt of Hanna’s donation letter:
“I am currently raising support for amazing opportunities of where I can grow in my faith and pursue mission work and my passions.
The first is to go to Lausanne, Switzerland for a Bible Core Course (BCC) through YWAM starting at the end of August, 2018. The focus of this school is to study the Bible in-depth for 3 months on-location, meaning we travel to various countries where we step back in history and see God’s Word come to life. This is an amazing opportunity to study the Bible, gain understanding and wisdom, and be equipped with knowledge for future mission trips and life.
Another opportunity is a year-long internship with International Justice Mission (IJM) in Gulu, Uganda. IJM protects the poor from violence throughout the developing world. This specific Field Office works primarily with injustices of land theft and domestic violence.”

Donations given to the Global Missions Fund will support Hanna’s work!